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A.N.S. Code of Honour and Conduct

1. General note

Every member is required to act according to the rules laid down in this code.

Comradeship and Loyalty is the primary foundation of the A.N.S.

Every member is expected to bear this in mind and conduct themselves accordingly.

2. Members rights

- Representation and organization through the management of the A.N.S.

- Participation at all A.N.S. (Austrian Napoleonic Society) and E.N.S. (European Napoleonic Society) events.

- Period equipment may be available through the contacts of other members.

- Attendance at any meeting covering the period of 1792-1815, e.g. lectures, discussions, or contemporary song(s).

The A.N.S offers the following prospects to members, relevant to the period:

- New members (recruits) to K.k. Infantrymen.

- Keen and capable soldiers to NCOs of the K.k Army.(NCOs may be proposed by the unit commander, they will be appointed by management, according to the need of the unit.)

- Outstanding soldiers may be considered for promotion to officer in the K.k Army.(Officers will be appointed by management through a vote by the A.N.S. committee.)

Note: Officers as well as NCOs may also be demoted by the A.N.S. committee.

All Commanders already in office at the time of the introduction of this Code demand unanimous consult of the A.N.S. committee.

Members obligations
Every member is expected to improve their knowledge of the Napoleonic period.
Each member is required to purchase the correct equipment for their chosen military or civil role within a year. (A longer period may be granted by the President.)

To gain the necessary knowledge and skills for the period by:

(a) Military drill sessions.

(b) Arms and shooting courses.

(c) Living in the field.

(d) Attending history lectures and excursions.

(e) Attending historic events and song practice.

(f) Cleaning and maintaining arms and equipment.

4. So called Obligatory events and excursions”

a) Members are required to attend at least 2-3 National or International events per year.

b) Every member is also required to take part in at least 2 drill sessions per year.
These “Obligatory events and excursions” are decided upon by members at the AGM.
All other events and drill sessions are voluntary; however, all members are encouraged to attend whenever possible.

Members are freed from the obligations and requirements given in para 4. a) and b) above under the following conditions:

.) Health problems, (illness, accident).

.) Job or urgent family matters.

.) Personal reasons in agreement with the President.

Note: Members unable to attend an event should inform their unit commander or the President as soon as possible, before the event. Repeated non-attendance at obligatory events may lead to expulsion from the A.N.S.

5. Behaviour - General

Every member is expected to treat all other members anytime and on any meetings - including private ones - with respect and politeness. All members shall be responsible for the good maintenance, cleanliness and appearance of their uniform and other equipment at all times. Violations of any of the codes above especially fighting, scuffles or other unseemly behaviour will not be tolerated.
The member will be brought before the President and committee. Any such lack of self discipline may lead to expulsion from the A.N.S and will be decided by the elected committee by a simple majority vote.

Behaviour - In the field

a) Members are expected to behave in keeping with the period (1792 - 1815), at all times when in the field.
b) All soldiers (in the field) are expected to take orders, without question from their superiors,(in keeping with the period).
c) The beginning and end of field discipline (and thus historically correct behaviour and conduct), will be announced by the unit commander or designate.

6. Annual membership fees

The annual membership fee at present (2005) stands at € 70 (plus insurance) per annum. Fees are payable by the first quarter of the year.

7. Liability - to Club members

Members are liabel for damages they negligently or voluntarily inflict to other members.

8. Liability - generally

a) Members are liable for any damage they may cause whatsoever to club equipment whilst it is on loan to them.

b) All equipment (whatever the nature) loaned to a member by the A.N.S is the sole responsibility of that member.

c) Equipment is to be cared for and maintained as if it is one's own, treated with respect and handed back in the condition in which it was received.

d) Costs of loaned equipment for events. The loan cost of equipment is decided upon by the A.N.S. committee annually.

Note: Re-investment of loan equipment funds.

All income from the loan of A.N.S equipment is to be re-invested for the purchase of further arms and equipment for the society and its members!



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